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Zorillo the Shaman's herb

Zorillo, Skunk Root, Rat Root, Pay-che, Dama de la noche de Pine Ridge and Pahar che’ (scientific name: Chiococca alba) was Don Elijio Panti’s most favourite plant ally. This plant is said to be the “thinking herb” of the Maya or the “shaman’s herb” and is used to give relief to a great variety of ailments. To find the plant in the bush you need to study her for a while. She doesn’t show herself easily to everyone. The second part of her name “alba” means white and refers to the colour of its tiny flower and the fruit. The most reliable signatures of the plant are the cross pattern that the small branches on the vine build, as well as the scent of the root, that reminds one of the smell of a skunk when you cut or scrape it. The vine is growing out of the shrub. The action of Zorillo on the body is very strong and sometime too strong for the elderly and the very weak. Don Elijio used to drink it as a tea to strengthen his spiritual power. Zorillo is a great ally in Spiritual Healing, especially to dispel evil magic and the evil eye. At his instruction Zorillo became part of the Female Tonic Formula. We learned from Don Elijio that it helps a woman to connect with her spiritual power, gaining more spiritual guidance and to achieve clearer visions, insight and depth of understanding, especially during premenstrual and menopausal phases of life. Zorillo is said to help with delayed menses, cleansing of the uterus, endometriosis, ulcers of the stomach or intestines, constipation, obstructed bowels, colitis, nervousness and depression. A handful of chopped roots is boiled in 3 cups of water for 10 minutes and 1 cup is drunk 3 x a day before each meal. To improve blood circulation and treat insomnia Traditional Healers use the leaves as well. A large handful of leaves are boiled for 10 min in a gal of water and added to a warm bath and a teaspoon of chopped dried roots is boiled in a cup of water for 5 min and consumed warm before bed time. Zorillo, Man Vine, Copalchi Bark, Mexican Wild Yam, China Root, Ginger and Billy Webb bark build the formula of the Female Tonic,which helps to warm and relax the reproductive organs and the diaphragm muscle. As a uterine lavage it removes accumulations of toxins and debris. It provides iron and minerals, especially calcium and helps regulating the menstrual cycles. Hormonal precursors in China Root and Mexican Wild Yam help balancing female hormones. Female Tonic is indicated for symptoms like painful periods, dark thick fluids during menses, depression with PMS and Menopausal symptoms, Fertility enhancement, Amenorrhea and PCOS. The standard dose is 1 dropper full 3 times a day, not to be taken during menses. As the Female Tonic is a uterine cleanser it is contraindicated to consume in Pregnancy or after ovulation when a woman is planning to become pregnant. We are very grateful to Rosita Arvigo and Dr. Balick for preserving this knowledge of the Traditional Healers of Belize in their Book "Messages from the Gods"

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